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6 Days All-Inclusive
Coding & Yoga Retreat

Mind & Body Transformation

Ibiza Code Retreat is an investment in knowledge and wellness.
Designed for absolute beginners in coding and all levels of yoga practice.

Learn to code

Learn step-by-step how to build your first website by using HTML & CSS: languages that serve as the primary foundation of web design.

Relax with yoga

Practice mindfulness & kindness, explore your body with yoga and feed your soul with meditation. After this retreat you will feel relaxed and empowered, knowing you can now achieve anything.

Discover Ibiza

Ibiza Code Retreat is held in a beautiful sea view villa with a pool. The picturesque location is perfect for reading, and fully relaxing. Join us and discover the magical energy of Ibiza

This retreat is for you because you aspire to improve everyday.

Are you in? 

Join the next Ibiza Code Retreat

22 – 27 May 2020

The next Ibiza Code retreat takes place in May 2020 and is limited to an exclusive group of 8 people. Based on our past experiences, we anticipate to sell out quickly. Secure your spot now with only €490 deposit. 

Our Philosophy

“Coding is a powerful tool as it stretches our mind and creates a new way of thinking. Combine that with yoga & meditation and you have the most transformational retreat. We promote continuous personal development.”